Justin Reid is an Australian filmmaker and contemporary artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

His work consists of narrative and abstract film work, painting, mixed media sculptural work and sound design. He graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of New Media Arts in 2014, and has nearly a decade of experience creating commercials, music videos and documentary work across North Queensland, Australia. His work is concerned with themes of alienation, digital identity crises, philosophy, dreams and the passing of time, drawing primary inspiration from the film work of Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Nobuhiko Obayashi, and Lars Von Trier, as well as artists Kentaro Miura, Francis Bacon, Gustave Dore and Peter Nicolai Arbo.

Exploring fractured, dream-like narratives, blended with elements of documentary, naturalism and surrealism, his work takes on an ethereal quality, often somber and melancholy, depicting inner states of characters in externalised flights of fantasy. His work has been exhibited at Perc Tucker Gallery and Umbrella Studios in Townsville, as well as viewed online by thousands.